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Plastick Jewelry

Your community for kitsch, retro, rockabilly, etc! All things plastic!

Kitschy Plastic Jewelry!
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Kitschy Plastic Jewelry!

Welcome to Plastick Jewelry! This community was created in 2008 by omglia who runs the DIY plastic jewelry website Omg Lia. Spouting from a love of all things plastic, colorful and kitschy, this community is a place for other plastic lovers to congregate, post pics, promote and talk!

Rules and Guidlines

1. Don't post things unrelated to plastic jewelry.
2. It doesn't matter if your plastic jewelry is DIY or not, but DIY is better. ;)
3. Advertisements are OK! Just make sure they're primarily about plastic jewelry.
4. Feel free to post pics of your jewelry, your DIY jewelry, your friends jewelry, you looking cute in your jewelry, etc! Everything goes.
5. Please try to promote using the following banner by placing it in your journal, profile, or on a community you think might be related: